When Cultures Mix

Developing Global Competence

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Culturally synergistic organizations reflect the best aspects of all members’ cultures in their structure and process without violating the norms of any single culture. Managers in synergistic organizations use diversity to solve problems.
— Nancy Adler,  International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior

Developing Global Competence

Developing Global Competence is a highly interactive custom program offering participants an opportunity to foster a positive attitude and develop curiosity when interacting with people from cultures outside of our own. The program is characterized by an integration of theory, practical application, and plenty of opportunity for discussion.

Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of culture and how cultural differences can affect relationships and communication.

  • Articulate one's own cultural reference point and inherent cultural bias therein

  • Identify cultural influences affecting effective global teamwork

  • Identity a global skill set to work in diverse business populations

  • Design better practices for culturally diverse teams

  • Recognize the role and skill set of successful leaders in high performance diverse teams

  • Skillfully design and commit to an effective action plan for global success


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