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Working with India

…One has to recognize that countries and people differ in their approach to life and their ways of living and thinking…
— Jawaharlal Nehru

The Outsourcing Challenge: Working with India

One of the leaders in flattening the playing field of global commerce is India. Offering BPO support services, call center operations, manufacturing operations, and as well as software development, India has arrived! With its global entry into virtually every sector of business, the need for the world to understand how Indians conduct business and communicate is vitally important.

To this end When Cultures Mix has designed and delivered throughout Europe and the USA hundreds of training programs focused on understanding Indian culture and how to communicate effectively. The need to also make available to Indians what to expect when they do business with us is just as important. When Cultures Mix has also trained Indians in India what to expect when working for Europeans and US Americans. Because India is a culture centered on building and maintaining relationships in a hierarchy structure it is imperative for them to understand how to communicate successfully and work effectively with us.

This India-specific training focuses on gaining an understanding of the social fabric and business practices of Indians. Topics covered include working effectively, gaining an insight into their values as well as communication styles, management practices, and meeting styles.


Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the significant historical and geographical trends that have shaped the values of India.

  • Discuss the key underlying Indian values.

  • Articulate the specific challenges of working and doing business with the Indians.

  • Identify and understand Indian business and management practices relevant to the participants.

  • Appreciate and describe how to communicate effectively with Indian co-workers


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