When Cultures Mix

Executive Coaching

Good global managers drive for the broader picture, balance paradoxes, trust process over structure, value diversity and teamwork, manage change and seek lifelong learning.
— Stephen H. Rhinesmith, A Manager’s Guide to Globalization

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Coaching is the process of unlocking a individual’s potential to maximize their desired aspiration.  This is accomplished in part through the implementation of an individualized one-on-one coaching alliance between the trained and credentialed coach and the client. The goal of these sessions is for the client to sustain indefinitely their performance objectives. To this end, the primary objective of coaching is to unlock the individual's potential to maximize their performance within the organization.

Through a series of periodic virtual sessions the coach skillfully supports and elicits from the individual specific goals, strategies and benchmarks to accomplish these. During this process, the client is reinforced and encouraged to show up, be accountable and take responsibility for their success.

The coach specifically asks:

  • What do you want?

  • What is happening now?

  • What if anything is preventing you from achieving your goal(s)?

  • What will you do?

The Benefits of Coaching:

  • One-on-one focus

  • Career enhancement

  • Talent development

  • Greater perspective

  • Improved business relationships

  • Performance goals achievement

  • Skills acquisition

  • Solutions generation

  • Business cultural shift


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