When Cultures Mix


Culture shock is the expected confrontation with the unfamiliar, whereas reverse culture shock is the unexpected confrontation with the familiar…
— anonymous cross-cultural truism


Most individuals and families returning from an overseas experience/assignment encounter challenges in adjusting to life back home.  Employees and their families often find it difficult to readjust to their work environment, home and/or relatives and friends, finding that much has changed.  Others, while not experiencing such obvious readjustment problems, appreciate the opportunity to debrief the experience, and to step back and consider their recent overseas experience and put it into perspective.

This course offers attendees the opportunity to debrief their overseas living experience, and gain insights into how to integrate back into their home culture. 

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Reflect upon the overseas experience.

  • Assess what has been learned from the overseas experience.

  • Identify the normal phases of the readjustment experience.

  • Identify and examine changes that have occurred with the employee, family, friends and company.

  • Formulate realistic expectations of oneself, friends and colleagues.

  • Recognize and identify new skills, insights and information gained overseas which can assist in the process of readjustment.

  • Examine any difficulties which may be encountered during readjustment.

  • Plan a practical strategy to “land” back to ones home culture.


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