When Cultures Mix

Diversity and Inclusion


Valuing Diversity and Practicing Inclusion

TRAINING FOR GROUPS:    This program is interactive offering participants an opportunity to foster a positive attitude and develop curiosity when interacting with people from cultures or backgrounds outside of their own. Focusing on how communication among people with diverse backgrounds or interests is crucial to productivity, this training is characterized by an integration of practical application and discussion. Whether the identified issue is cultural bias, gender, age, sexual preference, skin color, cultural heritage or curiosity this program is focused on the issues identified by the participants.

DEFINITION OF TERMS:     VALUING DIVERSITY:  People of all ages, ethnicities, cultures, nationalities, mental and physical abilities/characteristics, genders, religions, races, perceived social status or caste, sexual orientations, styles, and other differences are reinforced to work together in an environment that thrives on individuality and encourages each person to reach his or her full potential in meeting their (business) objectives.

PRACTICING INCLUSION:  Organizational cultures which reinforce and foster individuals to contribute to their fullest potential by leveraging their unique perspectives, experiences, viewpoints for the collective benefit of everyone.

Upon completion of this program participants will be able to:

  • Identify one's own bias, conflict and/or misunderstandings

  • Identify the impact of diversity on one's company and immediate team or workforce.

  • Explain the impact on one's workplace of different frames of reference and inclusion/exclusion dynamics.

  • Articulate the personal and organizational consequences of our biases, preferences and assumptions about others.

  • Identify the key principles of the "Insider-Outsider" dynamic

  • Understand how to communicate about sensitive and difficult issues in the workplace

  • Practice key skills for an inclusive work environment.

  • Develop personal action plans: Am I a diversity change agent? What can I do?


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