When Cultures Mix


A new year; a new website!


Greetings to all.....Welcome to our new website just in time for the new year, that is the year of the Earth Dog which according to the Tibetan calendar begins this year on the 16th of February.

This last year has certainly been one of change as most are....in the US political scene to rise in the expression of protectionism, to the #MeToo movement. As a globe we are in the midst of transition on so many fronts.... We continue to mix as a peoples on every continent and in nearly every country and the cultures therein. Our work as interculturalists continues to grow across all fields imaginable. In the midst of all this movement of peoples, ideas, business and exchange, When Cultures Mix remains a leader in providing perspectives, solutions, skill acquisition, insights and answers to the challenge of building communication bridges regardless of whether you are an IT professional, medical doctor, entertainer, banker, student petroleum engineer or simply a traveler. We are here to provide insights and solutions to your challenges and needs... Take a tour through this new site and do not hesitate to contact us wit

Soma Helen Escobedo