When Cultures Mix

Pre-Departure Training

It’s a funny thing; the French call it a ‘couteau,’ the Germans call it a ‘messer,’ but we call it a knife, which is after all what it really is.
— Richard Jenkyns, The Victorians and Ancient Greeks

Pre-Departure Training (with families)


Before traveling overseas for an assignment, it is helpful to gain an understanding of the new culture and the key underlying values which shape the behaviors and styles of doing business and living one’s life. Our pre-departure programs offer a thorough introduction to the target country values and expected behaviors basics which can form a foundation for a successful experience.

This program is highly interactive offering the client, and their family if desired, an opportunity to foster a positive attitude and develop curiosity when interacting with people from cultures outside of their own. The program is characterized by an integration of theory, practical application,  discussion and skills identification.

Benefits upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of culture and how cultural differences can affect relationships and communication.

  • Identify the key customs, norms and cultural expectations of doing business and living in the target country.

  • Appreciate the historical and geographical roots which have shaped the key values of the target country.

  • Describe the process of the psychology of transition or “culture shock” and identify activities, attitudes and skills to successfully manage this normal phenomenon.

  • Identify which skills are useful in the process of adapting to a foreign culture.

  • Identify resources which can be helpful in understanding cultural do’s and don’ts when conducting business in specific countries.


    • Understand the unique challenges of raising children internationally

    • Identify the Third Culture Kid (TCK) experience

    • Appreciate the importance of familial support

Toto, I have a feeling we are not in Kansas anymore…
— Dorothy, From The Wizard of Oz

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