When Cultures Mix


The cultural training was more interesting than I thought it would be. David is a knowledgeable trainer and provided me with a lot of historical and cultural information on the USA. We discussed the American values a lot, and how they impact daily life, business, sports... We also compared them to the European values and how they match or differ. He gave me some more tips on the area, what to visit, what companies could be interesting for me to seek employment, and how my “European” way will match with potential employers. I would recommend this training to any new “alien.”
— Gunter, A Belgian trailing spouse, An Introduction to the USA training

David will engage the audience with an extensive knowledge of India, from business to personal relationships (what to and what not to do in your interactions). He brought humor as well as an air of seriousness to his training that kept the audience following his every move. I recommend David’s services to anyone interested in doing business with the Indians.
— Robert, Senior Trial Account Manager, Pharmaceutical Operation Services

Your tips have really helped me at work and I am now having a great time and really making some great improvements here with the full support and excitement of my predominantly Indian team! I am happy to give you a strong recommendation anytime.
— John, Dir of Operations – Manufacturing site in India

The session was extremely informative for everyone who attended today! I am confident that our insights from this learning experience will have a positive impact on how we manage our India team dynamics from here on out.
— Dorothy, HR Head, USA

David is a very engaging facilitator who always gets positive feedback on When Cultures Mix trainings and coaching sessions. I have no doubt that the information he and his team provides to us on how to approach working with our virtual multicultural teams will be put to practical use immediately.
— Mark, Learning & Development Coordinator, USA

What surprised me most about our training today was the significance of my own cultural values and how they really do influence my biases and perception of working with those from a different country. I walked away from this experience with a renewed appreciation of how to approach my multicultural clients.
— Shanti, Corporate Sales Strategist, Belgium

Over the years, When Cultures Mix has consistently provided our associates with invaluable insights and tools to work effectively with our global partners. The “take-away’s” are always immediately relevant! Thank you.
— Diane, Team Lead, IT Help Desk, USA
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